10 Short Tail Cat Breeds Around The World

American Bobtail Cat

The scientific name of American Bobtail is Felis catus. This breed was originated in the early 1960s in the United States of America with a lifespan of about 11-16 years.These are one of the large cat breeds in the world having the short tail. Persian cats are loving and loyal. These cats are intelligent and friendly, even to the strangers. They weigh about 8 to 13 pounds are full of energy and mischievous. American bobtail cat is the most popular breed that has a short tail. They have these tufted ears and toes that show its feral look. Their size might be a bit more that gives the hint of its wildcat appearances but they are very friendly in real. Not many cats allow you to leash them but guess what. These cats don’t mind walking around on a leash. Also, they are much less vocal than other cat species.

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