9 Muslim-Friendly Countries Worth Visiting

1. Singapore
Singapore is one of the coolest Muslim friendly countries in the world. It just feels like you’ve traveled in time and you’re in the future, where technology is insane, the views are unforgettable and there’s always something outrageous to see or do. Singapore has a very strong and welcoming Muslim community too, so you won’t have any problems finding mosques or halal restaurants here either. You might even be surprised by the choices you have here.

2. Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the most popular travel destination for Muslims. The country is multicultural, the people are friendly, the tourists sights are mesmerizing, there’s a lot of choice and interesting spots for halal food and almost half of the country’s population is Muslim so there’s definitely a lot of mosques for praying.

3. Morocco
Morocco has so much to offer to tourists, there’s beautiful architecture, delicious halal cuisine, vibrant culture and incredible sights. If you’re interested in art you should definitely go to the city of Fez, which is known to be the cultural center of Morocco. The art scene here is guaranteed to leave everyone in awe.

4. Turkey
Turkey has quite a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites throughout the country, so if you go here, don’t just limit yourself to Istanbul, even though it’s a beautiful city.

5. Egypt
If you’ve never been to Egypt you have to go at least once. Those pyramids and the Sphinx are considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world for a reason. It’s a sight you’ll never forget. Going on a safari here, or just riding around on sand dunes on a quardocycle is a lot of fun, and when you get tired of all the culture and fun you know that hotels here are top notch and you’ll be able to relax with both your body and soul.

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