10 Travel Destinations Perfect For Getting Down on One Knee

1. Venice
Imagine yourself standing on one of those beautiful arched bridges in Venice, or perhaps on a gondola going through one of the most picturesque canals, it’s that golden hour before sunset and your partner proposes to you. Doesn’t that sound incredibly romantic? Yeah we thought so too. Venice is a very picturesque and romantic city, perfect for getting engaged.

2. Paris
Paris is known as the city of love. It’s where people go on romantic getaways and it’s a very popular spot for proposals. The best thing is that you can pretty much propose anywhere in Paris and it’ll be beautiful and special. But we suggest Champs de Mars right next to the Eiffel Tower, while you’re sitting on a blanket, having some wine and cheese, and then the Eiffel tower lights up and sparkles every hour on the hour in the evening and that’s a perfect time to propose.

3. Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre is a very picturesque and romantic place in Italy. It’s string of seaside villages located on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline, and they’re centuries old. Each town and village here is a perfect spot for a proposal. It has everything you’re looking for – colorful houses, vineyards, steep terraces, harbors with pretty boats. All you need is a ring.

4. Bali
Bali is one of the most beautiful destinations to go to, no matter if you’re going on vacation or for a proposal. In fact, why not kill two birds with one stone and do both at once. You’ll feel like you’re in heaven there. Just imagine being proposed to on a beautiful sandy beach of a volcanic island. You’ll remember that for the rest of your life.

5. Disneyland
Disneyland is a place where all our childhood dreams and fantasies come true. So why not propose there? You can be a princess, he can be your prince, Mickey and Minnie can be there for moral support. It would be such a fairytale proposal.

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