10 Stunning Subways Worth Visiting

Radhuset Station, Stockholm
This station almost challenges the boundaries of reality and the relationship between life and art. Whether you think it looks like fire or the steamy gate to hell, would you say this sci-fi art is a metaphor for a daily commute at rush hour?

Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya and Komsomolskaya Stations, Moscow
We couldn’t choose just one station in Moscow because all the metros here are phenomenal and look more like a luxurious ballroom or royal palace than a means of transportation. Well, they are good at making this extravagantly over the top!

Toledo Metro Station, Naples
This place is a work of art that looks like a galaxy out of our wildest fantasies. Created by a diverse group of architects, designers and artists, this stunning blue-purple mosaic is the color of serenity, taking the chaos out of a daily commute.

Arts et Métiers Metro, Paris
This copper-topped metro station was designed by Belgian comics artist François Schuitenin in steampunk style in 1994. The polished, brass tinted walls with portholes, wooden seats and cogs give the aesthetic of a submarine, transporting you from the subway to a magical sea-craft.

Szent Gellert Square, Budapest
While some metro stations might look dark, this infuses it with some much needed color, courtesy of artist Tamás Komoróczky. The tile-work is soaring and meticulous in this metro, perfect for an Instagram opp. It is almost an optical illusion with its soaring symmetry, drawing us in like a colorful black hole.

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