Traveling off-season: Dos and Don’ts

That sweet drug of discovering new countries, sites, and cultures. Everyone who has traveled at least once in their lives knows what we are talking about. When you catch that ‘bug’ of exploring new places it is almost impossible to stop. There are a lot of factors to take into account: budget, lodging, your route. But once you start mapping out your adventure you already feel that rush that runs through your veins and it is the most unbelievable natural high. Sure, it is nice to go to Spain to Run with the Bulls or to take a gondola ride in Venice, but do you really want to deal with the crowds of crazed tourists? There are a bunch of benefits to traveling off-season but, as to everything in our lives, there are downsides also. Here, we explore the most common dos and don’ts for traveling off-season.

DO your research beforehand. Yes, you might think that since it is winter in your hometown the world is quiet too. Aruba for example gets horrific hurricane season from June to sometimes November. Above all you need to be safe when traveling and getting caught in the middle of a hurricane is not as exciting as some song lyrics might suggest.