Top 10 most expensive hotel rooms in the world

1 Empathy Suite at The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas – $100,000

The world’s most expensive hotel room is a masterpiece by British artist Damien Hirst and is adorned with some of his most prominent work, including Winner/Loser, featuring two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde. The 2,740 square meter suite can accommodate up to 50 people at a time, spread over two floors and overlooking the Vegas Strip.
For $100,000 per night, you can expect 24-hour butler service, a tour of the hotel grounds, a private car with driver, access to day and night clubs and a priority list recording studio, and a $10,000 credit to spend on the spot. .
Please note that the minimum stay at Palms Empathy is two nights, so the guest will have to pay a minimum of $200,000.