Traveling by horoscope: choosing a country by the sign of the zodiac

Astrologers are confident that the stars determine our vacation preferences. What countries and routes do they recommend for representatives of different signs of the zodiac?

Country: Ireland

Aries, like air, needs adventure and novelty of impressions. They like to conquer new lands, discover unexplored places. The adventurous spirit of the Irish perfectly matches the mood of the representatives of this sign.

Country: Switzerland

For Taurus, comfort and coziness are of great importance. A room with amenities, delicious cuisine, rich nature – the perfect combination for a good rest. Going on a journey, Taurus love to try on the role of a spender and sybarite.

Country: USA

New knowledge, new acquaintances and new impressions – this is what the restless Gemini strive for on vacation. It is simply impossible to force them to lie on the beach from morning till night. They love movement, when everything revolves around, sparkles. At such moments, they feel the fullness of life.

Country: Sri Lanka

Refined Cancers prefer countries with warm climates. Most likely, this will also be a place near the water. Representatives of this zodiac sign do not like hustle and bustle, they adore places filled with ancient traditions and mysticism.

a lion
Country: UAE

People born under the constellation Leo prefer not to skimp on vacation. The most expensive hotels, restaurants and entertainment – they always want the best. Leos never miss an opportunity to get vivid impressions, and at the same time, and show themselves.

Country: UK

Virgos love to be charged with the atmosphere of countries with rich cultural traditions. Great Britain is perfect for them. The prim and businesslike Englishmen will not embarrass them, because there is so much in common between them.

Country: France

Libras prefer to relax in places with a rich cultural life. Visiting a variety of museums, exhibitions, art galleries and concerts will give them a lot of unforgettable impressions. Well-groomed beautiful parks, where you can take romantic walks for two, will be an excellent addition to your vacation.

Country: Indonesia

Representatives of this zodiac sign do not like noisy places where there are many tourists and bustle. For their vacation, they choose quiet and picturesque places near the ocean, sea or forest lake. Scorpions enjoy relaxing on deserted beaches and exploring landscapes unspoiled by civilization.

Country: Brazil

Sagittarius prefer outdoor activities. They always expect the most vivid and juicy impressions from travel. With its vibrant nightlife, carnival and wild, little-explored Amazon, Brazil is the perfect holiday destination for Sagittarius.

Country: Germany

Philosophically-minded Capricorns prefer a calm and measured rest. Most often, they go to countries with mountainous terrain, where there are many rocks, caves and dungeons. They like to explore ancient ruins and mines, while indulging in thoughts of the high and the eternal.

Country: Japan

Those born under the constellation Aquarius are attracted by unusual, exotic countries and places. For the sake of vivid impressions, they are ready to go to the ends of the world. However, Aquarius will find entertainment everywhere, because he masterly knows how to adapt to any environment.

Country: Greece

Pisces are incorrigible romantics. They love travel and distant countries. Rest by the sea will be the best for them. They are completely unpretentious in terms of comfort, prestige and service. The opportunity to quickly relax while enjoying the splendor of the local scenery is the main motto of their vacation.