6 secrets of male psychology that will help you better understand men

All men are by nature hunters and conquerors. They should be the first to take the initiative and invite women out on a date – this is an unspoken truth our society promotes. But let’s face it. Not every man manages to meet these standards. We will tell you about the weakest and most vulnerable points of male psychology, the knowledge of which will help you better understand men and more effectively establish contacts with them.

Men are more afraid of rejection

To be successful in their personal lives, men have much more risk and rejection than women. When a woman is afraid to take the first step, she can hint to the fan about her sympathy in various ways, expecting a response and initiative from him. It is much more difficult for men in this regard. He can make eyes at a woman as much as he wants, but until he dares to approach her and strike up a conversation, nothing will happen. This can prove to be an insurmountable obstacle for many men who are unsure of their attractiveness. Therefore, do not rush next time to condemn the guys for lack of initiative – remember their natural fear of being rejected.

Men find it harder to get attention

To indulge her vanity, a woman sometimes needs to dress up and go out. Most likely, she will receive her fair share of attention. A man, if he does not have the appearance of Tom Hardy, high status, an expensive car, has no guarantees, especially if he is shy and does not have a vivid sense of humor.

Men are not used to trusting their intuition

Emancipation has greatly liberated women (albeit not all). With men, everything is more complicated. They still build relationships with women, guided by generally accepted standards and patterns in society, not too trusting their intuition. In their personal life, men are not inclined to improvisation and any initiative on the part of a woman can unsettle them for a long time. Here’s a strange paradox.

Men are afraid to appear weak

Girls are not ashamed to ask for help. On the contrary, society encourages the image of a weak and fragile woman. Men are taught from birth that being weak and vulnerable is bad. Perhaps this strategy helps to achieve success in your career, but not in your personal life. A false sense of superiority prevents many men from cultivating. Few of them are ready to seek help from a specialist in order to develop the necessary skills and become a more attractive partner.

Men find it difficult to understand what women really want

Boys are taught from childhood to be gentlemen. Simply put, they should give in to girls in everything and indulge their whims. Over time, such young men turn into eternal friendzones. After all, the stereotype that girls like bad guys is not so far from the truth. Grown men have to guess for themselves what women really want. Most often, they draw the wrong conclusions, and all because they hear conflicting advice all their lives.

Men feel more pressure from society

Men, like women, are subject to severe gender discrimination. After all, society obliges them to be more proactive, experienced and temperamental in relations with the opposite sex. And do not care if this does not correspond to the inner world of each individual man. When establishing an acquaintance, do not adjust your partner to any generally accepted standards. After all, every man, like a woman, is unique and requires his own unique approach.