8 reasons why living alone is great

Who said living alone is bad? Dispelling myths, we found at least eight reasons why living alone is not only good, but also very useful!

Freedom of life

If you live alone, you no longer have to listen to someone’s instructions and reproaches, like: “Today is your turn to clean up!” You can do this whenever you want. This applies not only to cleaning. When you are a loner, you do not need to agree with someone on a schedule for eating, sleeping, or going to the supermarket. You yourself plan and are responsible for your life.


Living alone is, of course, a test for a woman, without which it is very difficult to gain psychological and physical independence. Women who prefer to live alone are more determined and confident in themselves, because they know that they can survive in this difficult world without anyone’s help.

Good physical form

When you live alone, you have more time for the gym, walking and doing yoga. Conversely, there is less temptation to order pizza with someone for company or go down to the store for a chocolate bar.

Lack of control

Loneliness is freedom. Entertain yourself with good movies, music and books. Enjoy a hot bath. Do yoga right in the kitchen, looking at the same time to see if the pie is baked. When you live alone, there is no need to adapt to someone else, to report and worry about every little thing.

Willingness to change

When you are constrained by a relationship, you lose mobility. You do not have the opportunity to drop everything and drive off to another country, which you have dreamed of for so long.

Deep sleep

If you have a light sleep, it is difficult for you to fall asleep in the same bed with another person. When you live alone, you can easily fall apart on the whole bed, completely wrap yourself in a blanket and no one will take it away from you, push it out of bed or push it with your feet. We won’t even remind you of how annoying someone else’s snoring is.

Time for self-development

Living independently will teach you to listen to your desires. You will understand yourself better, and not just go with the flow of family circumstances, adjusting to the demands of others. You will have more time and opportunities for self-development. Perhaps you will discover new abilities in yourself that you did not even know about before.

Strict financial management

Living independently will teach you how to use your finances carefully. If you waste money mindlessly, who will pay your bills? After your first monthly analysis, you will likely cut down on your snacks and coffee trips a lot. In addition, you will begin to take a more responsible approach to updating your wardrobe.