Celebrity Smiles Are Too Perfect to be True

Cristiano Ronaldo

Let’s start right away with a case that cannot go unnoticed. Who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo? Known all over the world for his football talent, very rich, almost 190 meters tall and with a beautiful wealthy family. The transformation of her smile was truly drastic! When he started playing in Serie A, his teeth were not the most enviable, but soon they turned into a correct, even and very snow-white smile!
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, Catherine Zeta-Jones did not need particularly invasive interventions. It was probably expertly done bleaching, because it made her smile and face so much brighter. An extra touch to appear even more beautiful than she is.
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. Enviable facial features, deep eyes, hair that Derek Shepard envy and a bewitching smile. But without serious dental care, things would probably have been different for him. Few remember him with the uneven smile he had when he appeared on screen, but there are still a few photos online showing his drastic change.
Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst’s teeth before the operation were not the most beautiful. They weren’t crooked like Tom Cruise’s, but they were small and yellowish. However, after the operation, they became perfectly even and almost dazzling white.
David and Victoria Beckham

He is handsome, talented, rich and envied by men all over the world. She is beautiful, rich, has achieved significant success in business and is desired by men all over the world. However, in addition to sharing a home, family and popularity, the Beckhams also share their experience of cosmetic surgery for a more beautiful, brilliant and captivating smile. Remember Victoria Adams when she was still part of the Spice Girls? His teeth were not as white and straight as they are today. And the same goes for her husband. It is a pity that today it has become so rare to see their smiles!
Ben Affleck

Jay Lo’s husband is one of the most famous and respected faces in international cinema. Tall, handsome, famous and… with new teeth. Intervention is likely necessary, given that he previously had jagged, small, and spaced teeth that distracted the observer from all (deserving) rest. Today he has a smile that makes his face worthy and makes him one of the most manly and handsome men in Hollywood.
George Clooney

To tell you the truth, his name was just not expected in this article! However, even George Clooney has resorted to surgery to improve his smile. Not that his teeth were in disarray, but he definitely managed to improve them. Today he has a more even, more regular and definitely brighter smile. Added value for its natural charm.
Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage really needed improved dental surgery. He added missing teeth, straightened the rest and made them whiter. An intervention that really made a difference, perhaps even to his career.
Miley Cyrus

And if you think that this type of surgery is only for the oldest celebrities, you are really wrong. Even Miley Cyrus, with her beautiful voice and scandals always at hand, had to resort to surgery in order to have a beautiful smile. If you watch a few episodes of Hannah Montana, it will seem to you that in front of you is a completely different person than Miley. And not only because of the hairstyle and inhibition, but also because of a radically different smile!