How Handsome Men From Youth Films of the 2000s Look Today

1. Chad Michael Murray

The blue-eyed handsome man began his career in the modeling business, and only then got into the movies. The youth comedy Freaky Friday brought him the first fame. Then millions of girls from all over the world envied Lindsay Lohan, with whom the actor had an affair not only in the movies, but also in real life. In 2004, the romantic comedy A Cinderella Story was released, which later gained cult status. Unfortunately, this is where Murray’s professional success ended.

2. Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennet fell in love with the audience thanks to the role of Aaron Samuels from the comedy Mean Girls. His on-screen lover was also Lindsay Lohan. As it turned out, the fans were jealous of the actor in vain. Jonathan skillfully played a straight man, although in fact he has sympathy for men. In 2020, he proposed to his boyfriend a marriage proposal.

3. Chris Pine

Chris Pine’s years are only going to benefit. He is still irresistible and remains the object of desire for many women. Although, perhaps, fans in vain hope for reciprocity. Rumors about the gay actor have been circulating in the media for a long time. Professionally, Pine has done remarkably well. Unlike most of the heroes on our list, Chris did not become a hostage to the image of the “prince on a white horse.” Today you can see him mainly in action films and science fiction films.

4. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr. became popular after the release of the films It’s All Her and Just You and Me. The handsome handsome man remained the main character of youth comedies and melodramas for a decade. On the set of Scooby-Doo, Freddie met his future wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar. The actors have been together for almost 20 years. If Freddie’s personal life was very successful, then professionally the actor failed.

5. Josh Hartnett

After playing pilot Danny Walker in the military drama Pearl Harbor, Josh’s career took off. Thanks to the sugary appearance, the actor quickly won the attention of directors of youth comedies and melodramas. Fortunately, Hartnett did not want to remain in this role forever. He successfully switched to other roles. Behind him are such interesting works as the detective “Black Orchid”, the series “Penny Dreadful” and the action movie “The Wrath of Man” by Guy Ritchie.

6 Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick played the role of ladies’ man Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Like his on-screen character, Westwick is hugely popular with women. However, despite the abundance of novels, the heart of the actor continues to be free. But Westwick’s professional success leaves much to be desired.