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Top 20 Best Hotels in the World – Part 1

10. Songtsam Lhasa Linka, China

A stunning hotel in the heart of Tibet is a sprawling complex, each of which is carefully inscribed in the harsh and beautiful nature around. Moreover, the hotel also restored a historical monument of the 17th century (Potala Palace), located nearby. A number of technologies and materials used during the restoration were used to build the hotel and give it an authentic feel. Despite the harsh mountain scenery outside, inside the hotel is warm and cozy, and wooden panels for walls, ceilings and floors, handmade copper utensils and tapestries give a truly Tibetan flavor.
9. Anassa, Cyprus

A classic white-walled Mediterranean hotel with 166 rooms (plus suites and stand-alone villas) perched on a shady hillside with stunning views of the vast, bright azure sea and cream-colored Asprokremmos beach. It also has one of the best spas. One of the main advantages of the hotel is entertainment for people of all ages. While parents are enjoying cultural entertainment in restaurants, children can take up clay modeling, spin the potter’s wheel, or go on treasure hunts at the local children’s center.
8. Lewa Wilderness, Kenya

A real Kenyan safari in the heart of the wild and beautiful African nature. The six thatched cottages sit on a hillside overlooking the protected Marania Valley. True fans of safari go to one of the most exotic hotels in the world – only three cars are allowed to watch wildlife, so the roaring herds of tourists will not scare anyone away. And you can observe wildlife in peace, quiet and safety.
7. Six Senses, Turkey

The best hotel in Turkey for those who care about their health. This is a real temple of medicine: there is not only a spa with a marble Turkish hammam, but also a Vastu relaxation pool, Pilates machines, detox programs, wellness holidays and even a meditation cave. There are deluxe Ridge Terrace rooms with private pools and verandas from where you can admire the open expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. And the reviews praise organic and very tasty food, as well as a private beach, where, in unity with nature, a person is able to achieve perfection.
6. Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

In exotic Cambodia, on the banks of the Tmor Rung River, deep in the Cardamom Mountains, in the middle of a magical rainforest where orchids bloom, there is a small cozy hotel of 15 houses – the product of the brilliant mind of designer Bill Bensley. Getting there is not so easy: first, guests will have a ride in an army jeep, and then a breathtaking journey by cable car, over the canopy of forests and the murmur of waterfalls.
5. Belmond Splendido Mare, Italy

Top 5 best hotels in the world in 2022 opens a modestly sophisticated guest house in the style of an old fishing village. It has only 14 rooms with exquisite cream and terracotta tiles and a maritime-themed interior. It offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and a tiny old town nearby, with a population of only about 380 inhabitants. A wonderful place to relax, unwind in complete comfort.
4. The Cotton House, Spain

This luxurious hotel in Barcelona is located on one of the busiest tourist streets – Gran Via. In the 19th century, a consortium of cotton merchants was located here (hence the name, which translates as “Cotton House”). And even when the building turned into a hotel, the features of architecture and interior (including spiral staircases) were carefully preserved. The hotel has 83 rooms furnished in a solidly nostalgic Belle Epoque style, with antique parquet floors, wood-paneled walls and classic bookcases with gold-edged volumes.
3. Umaid Bhawan Palace, India

The hotel is still the residence of the current royal family of Jodhpur, and the situation there is appropriate – 10 hectares of luxurious greenery, with intoxicating flowers and peacocks walking along the paths. Few places on earth are so opulent, regal and artistically interesting – a blend of traditional Indian aesthetics with a touch of Art Deco brought in by European designers. With all this, guests feel at home here – such an attentive and sensitive staff here.
2. The Vasilicos, Greece

One of the best hotels in Greece consists of only eight suites, overlooking the flooded mouth of the Santorini volcano. Once he caused the death of the Aegean civilization, and now he sleeps peacefully; You can even swim in it! The Vasilicos was built in the 1980s by the famous Greek art connoisseur Vasily Valambus. To do this, he rebuilt several unique houses carved in volcanic tuff. And the current owner of the hotel has turned the nearby family vineyards into one of the most interesting wineries in Greece.
1. Kempinski Nile Hotel Garden City Cairo, Egypt

Egypt’s premier 5-star hotel is close to popular Cairo tourist destinations such as Zamalek Sports Club, Cairo TV Tower and Al-Azhar Mosque. The hall greets guests with the wonderful aroma of fresh flowers, and the rooms and suites have a lot of light, air and the Egyptian sun. If that’s not enough, the hotel has a luxurious rooftop terrace. The staff is well-trained, speaks Russian and answers “yes” to any request from the guest.

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