Top 8 trending accessories for fall 2020

Chunky bracelets and earrings, strands of pearls and micro-bags – what accessories you should pay attention to to be on trend this fall.

Micro bags in the form of bracelets and pendants

Miniature handbags seem like a useless thing to many. But in vain. They can be an interesting replacement for long necklaces and massive bracelets. To create the most stylish and unique outfit, choose bright models with an unusual texture.


Massive metal chains in gold or white are at the peak of their popularity today. However, plastic, wood and wicker decorations are no less relevant. They perfectly diversify even the most strict and monochrome image. Wear chunky-link chokers and oversized bracelets over your sweater or golf course. Combine thin layered models with each other. As the designers say, there are never too many chains.

Massive jewelry

Wide bracelets, large necklaces and massive earrings will only emphasize your fragility and grace. And the larger the decoration, the more effective. A small nuance: in the coming season, instead of white metals, designers advise paying attention to accessories made of gold or with gilding.

Multi-colored jewelry

Unusual accessories with large multi-colored stones will become one of the main favorites in the new season. Bright jewelry was found in the collections of almost all fashion brands. By the way, it is easy to mix outrageous jewelry with pearls or crystals.


Pearls are at their peak again! And there is no need to get hung up on the classic “strands of pearls”. Designers offer a lot of fancy options: bracelets, beads, brooches, earrings. Moreover, pay attention not only to models with a perfectly flat surface. The wrong shape will make the jewelry even more attractive and unique.

Wide belts

Wide belts inspired by 2000s fashion, with large buckles, tassels, rivets or in the spirit of the Japanese obi model, are experiencing a rebirth. It doesn’t matter if your belt is made of leather, suede or textiles, it can be safely combined with a cardigan, oversized sweater, jacket and even a quilted jacket. Feel free to bully!

Scarves with bows

If you don’t have a heart for romantic dresses and blouses made of flowing fabric, pay attention to a thin bow scarf. It can match the tone of your outfit. Or, conversely, be a contrasting shade and act as a bright accent. Such a graceful accessory, which looks cute from under a jacket or coat, creates an interesting layering effect.

Long gloves

Keep your hands warm at all times. Infinitely long and elegant elbow-length gloves in cloudy autumn weather are just what you need. They can be worn not only with airy dresses, but also with bulky jackets or coats. And hiding inside is prohibited! Don’t focus on leather models only. Mesh, lace, transparent fabrics, and with the onset of cold weather, knitted and fur options will be more relevant than ever. And remember, the higher the better.