What newborn baby animals look like

We all know what newborn puppies and kittens look like. What about more exotic animals? We have compiled a selection of the cutest photos that will melt even the coldest hearts.


Pandas weigh on average 150 kg, but their babies are born weighing only 100 g. Unlike most newborn cubs of other bears, they are covered with a thin layer of fur. Pandas rarely breed in captivity.


Baby kangaroos are the smallest among mammals. The length of newborns is only 2.5 cm. But then they can grow up to 1.5 m. Most of the time, young crumbs spend in a bag with their mother on their abdomen.


Cubs are born blind and begin to see only 6-8 days after birth. The weight of newborns does not exceed 1.5 kg. At the age of 8 weeks, the cubs dare to leave the den. Most young tigers stay with their mother until 2-3 years old. Often up to 5. The male does not take part in raising the young.


A newborn giraffe falls to the ground from a height of 1.5 meters. In order not to become easy prey for predators, the female giraffe cannot sit down or lie down during childbirth. Her cub is firmly on its feet an hour after birth! Adults reach a height of 6 m and weigh about a ton.


Baby raccoons are born blind and without teeth. Their teeth erupt on the 20th day. After 4-5 months, young raccoons become independent and are ready to get their own food without the help of their mother.


“Married couples” of penguins together take part in incubating eggs and feeding chicks. Alternately. Penguins are born without the top layer of feathers. Covered with warm down, they look absolutely adorable.


Hedgehogs are born naked and blind, weighing only 12 grams. An hour later, the first soft needles appear. A full set of spines in hedgehogs grows in two weeks. A month after birth, hedgehogs begin to live independently.


Baby otters are born blind and deaf, but covered with a thin layer of gray cannon. They begin to see only a month after birth. Lead a more or less independent lifestyle and leave the mother – after nine months.


Pelicans are birds with a huge wingspan and large beak. In adults, a leather bag is located on the underside of the beak, with which they catch fish. Pelican chicks hatch from the egg blind and naked. Growing up, they can reach impressive sizes – 130-180 cm.


Rabbits are born completely helpless: naked, blind, and bright pink. Only on the fifth day, fluff appears on their body. After 10 days, they open their eyes, and already at the age of 15 days they begin to actively explore the area, jumping out of the nest.